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Dr. Ashish Goel

Dr. Ashish Goel

BHMS, MD (Hom)

Founder and Director

Dr. Ashish Goel is founder of online consultation platform “Doctor Ashish”and an online education institute “शुभAshish Academy of Homeopathy”. He brings an experience of 15+ years in homoeopathic consultation. Doctor Ashish is an expert and has treated more than 30K patients successfully so far for various illnesses including acute, chronic and complex cases.

He is an expert in handling chronic cases including Mental disorders, sleeplessness, Skin ailments, female menstrual disorders, renal stone, arthritis, Gastric and chest troubles etc.

He is also active in teaching homeopathic professionals and conducting seminars and webinars over various topics since more than 10 years.

Dr. Ashish graduated from NHMC Lucknow and persuaded his MD from a prestigious institute in Ludhiana. He is also certified in Nutrition and Child Health care (CNCC) from New Delhi.

Dr. Mamta Tiwari

Dr. Mamta Tiwari


Counseling Psychologist

Dr. Mamta Tiwari is a Homeopathic Physician & counsellor. Who brings an experience of 6+ years in Homeopathic Consultation & Personal Counselling ( psychotherapy) for various mental health problems.. She has an excellent skill to treat her patients mentally and physically.

She has excellent skills of counseling for Depression, anxiety, suicide thoughts , OCD , Schizophrenia, mood disorder, Bi-polar disorder , hysterica and etc. She has many patients with different mania and phobia.

She helps patients overcome their grief with the help of counselling as well as homeopathic medicines . Dr. Mamta tiwari graduated from KGKHMC and Awardee from Malti Nobel award 2018 in Kolkata.

Dr. Priya Bansal

Dr.Priya Bansal

Associate Consultant ( Ghaziabad)

Dr.Priya is a Psychology consultant at “Doctor Ashish” and has experience of 10 + years in consultation. She has expertise in understanding human behaviour and handles cases in ADHD, Depression, Stress, Anxiety disorders.

Dr.Priya completed her graduation from NHMC Lucknow. She has studied psychology from New Delhi. She is also certified in Nutrition and Child Health care (CNCC) from New Delhi.

She has a teaching experience as ex-faculty of NHMC Agra.

Dr. Narendra

Dr. Narendra Singh


Managing Director of Academy

Dr. Narendra Dr Narendra is a senior consultant at “Doctor Ashish” and managing director of “शुभAshish Academy of Homeopathy”. He has a deep knowledge in Classical Homeopathy and he ensures the patients receive the best treatment with utmost care & actively involved in monitoring quality services & treatment strategies at our centre.

He completed his graduation in BHMS from NHMC Lucknow.

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